Saturday, 30 March 2013

Evening comes...

that evening as they ponder the events of the day, weighing them up against the hard fact that they had seen (some from afar) him die and saw him buried in the tomb...
Jesus comes amongst them.
it really is him - but his body is strangely different, yet recognisable too...
it is true
he is alive
he is risen
he truly is
The Resurrection and the Life!

Son-day dawns...

with their hopes and dreams dashed, their 'messiah' dead and buried, strange news reaches them...
He is not in the tomb!  He has been seen alive!
Peter and John race to see for themselves and find thegrave clothes, but no body???
Could it be true?  He is alive? How?
confused and filled with a mixture of joy and sadness the friends gather together to ponder this development.
they lock themselves away just in case the religious leaders come for them next.

Easter Messy Church

Just a few photos...
making Easter baskets

easter sticker pictures

Holy Week hanging mobiles

Holy Week story wheels

we also watched the Miracle Maker

had pizza for lunch and posed for this photo!

Good Friday Walk of Witness

Well done to everyone who took part in the Walk of Witness yesterday, especially our young folk who read so well in front of so many friends from other local churches and passers by...
Courtney does the first reading

April number 2

Miles No3
Elyssa No4
Esther No5

then my turn!

A group photo in St Mary's Church

This is what it was all about

Saturday arrives and...


unbeknown to the waiting world God is doing something amazing

Friday, 29 March 2013

Sabbath approaches...

just before evening falls his body is hastily wrapped and laid in a borrowed tomb because the sabbath is approaching and there isn't time to prepare the body for burial (it must wait until Sunday).
Those that had been present at the crucifixion would have witness a unique scene (a quick death, prayers for those who watched and waited, darkness at noon, an earthquake, the temple curtain totorn in two).
Grieving his death, shameful for running away, feeling defeat (not victory) - the messiah was to be crowned victorious not crowned with thorns and executed.
As Saturday approaches, all is quiet, all seems lost...

and now Friday is here...

after a long, sleepless night he is arrested by local militia and dragged in front of the religious leaders, then placed on trial by the occupying governor and visiting official. JESUS maintains his dignity whilst being subjected to false accusations, verbal and extreme physical abuse. The frenzied crowds call for his blood and the result is one of the most cruel means of execution the world has... ever seen - crucifixion!
Even as nails are hammered into him Jesus prays for the forgiveness of those who are responsible...
(An echo of his teaching - love your enemies, pray for those who would do you harm).
This is not just a story made up in a book by Christians - Roman historians of the day make reference to this as a real historical event - it really did happen to Jesus...

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thursday is here!

The tension of the week intensifies as Jesus prepares for a special meal with his friends. He will take them by surprise when he begins to wash their feet (demonstrating that servanthood is the path, not one that seeks power). He will tell them that the bread they share is his broken body and the wine they drink is his blood (bizzare perhaps at first thought). He will be betrayed by one of his close friends, his friends will fall asleep as he asks them to support him while he prays for a different course of action (and accepts that there isn't one). His friends will run away and deny knowing him as he is arrested and faces a false trial (which brings us to the early hours of the day we call GOOD Friday!)...

Friday, 22 March 2013

Words for Work

yesterday was the last of 4 sessions at Dover Christ Church Academy working with students from A Plus on a speaking & listening project called Words for Work.  It was brilliant working with the year 8 students as they prepared presentations and delivered them in order to improve their skills and confidence.  I especially enjoyed working with Team Fred (as we became known) with 3 young ladies called Rebecca, Ellie and Megan - thanks guys.  It was good to see some of the young people who attend Cross-Links activities in their school setting (Stacie, Becky, Christie, Paige, Cody and others) I was impressed by the dedication of the staff (in particular David & Phil) and the way the academy is striving to raise the aspirations of all their students.  A pleasure to have been invited to support words for work.