Saturday, 11 May 2013

Christian Aid walk 2013

So proud of the young people that joined us today for the sponsored walk: Christie, Stacie, Becky, Molly, Hayley, Stephanie, Casey, April, Josh & Ellie (aged 10yrs-17yrs); also a thank you to Esther, Glenys, Becky and Ben (from River Methodists) who accompanied the young folk on the walk.

Overall the walk raised approx. £1500 for Christian Aid, with us raising around £100 (final tally to come).  Here are lots of photos from the 6 mile walk beginning with a group photo before we all set off...

Christian Aid Week TV advert - Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week TV advert - Christian Aid

Friday, 10 May 2013

Christian Aid

each year I am pleased to support Christian Aid Week by organising the Dover Christian Aid sponsored walk.  I have made some changes to the walk this year - it is now a 7 mile walk with an option of reducing it by a mile.  As in the past it is possible to walk a very much shorter distance around the village of River.

This year Cross-Links will be out in force as Becky and Esther will be taking a group each from Cross-Links.  Some will be walking the shorter route with Becky and others the longer route with Esther.  The children and young people who will be walking in the name of Cross-Links are an example to their peers and are to be congratulated.  I hope to post some photos here tomorrow.

If any of you are wondering I will be walking, but as I am the organiser, I always walk last to ensure no one is left on the route.  Here are a couple of photos from bank holiday Monday when I pre-walked the route...