Sunday, 28 April 2013

Looking through my diary...

Last week brought lots of variety:
Sunday - Messy Church at St Nicks thinking about the resurrection appearances of Jesus.
Monday - governor visit to Green Park CP School, preparations for the District Schools Council meeting on Wednesday, then governor briefing session in the evening at Whitfield Smile Centre.
Tuesday - always a joy at Toddler group, lots of home-made pizza, toys and singing session; admin afternoon.
Wednesday - final preps for the District School Council meeting which took place after lunch (23 schools from across the district, a pleasure to see the young people grappling with the theme of democracy and local issues.  Took place in the Dover District Council Chamber).
Thursday - coffee morning (with our new coffee maker), then school assembly at Green Park with Key stage 1 - sang a bit, and took a look at the resurrection trying to encourage them to realise that although some things may seem impossible - it doesn't mean they are!  Krafty Kids after that and then left Becky to the youth club.
Friday - meeting at Castle Community College in Deal to plan the educational projects for Dover schools as part of the Kent Inspire Legacy project.  Back for an 'early birthday lunch' then the optician (to pluck more of my inwardly growing eye lashes!) and rounded off with Friday (after school) club and set up for Saturday Messy Church before heading home.
Saturday - Messy Church at Cross-Links thinking about Pentecost.
Kept me busy!
What will next week bring?

Messy Church on Saturday and Sunday!

Just a few pictures from the weekend.  We did Messy Church at Cross-Links on Saturday lunch time, then again at St Nicholas today (Sunday) at tea time...

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Fun at the Toddler group

Every Tuesday morning brings great joy as we greet babies, toddlers, twins, mums, dads, granddads, grans/nans, aunties, uncles and family friends at our weekly Toddler group.

The group has been running since February 2001 and has always been popular - today there were over 40 children (plus the adults) and the number seems to be growing each week!

There is lots to do, and the crafts are popular - we alternate between a food based craft and arty one each week.  The session ends with singing (optional) and the children love marching round for ring-a-ring-a-roses and the grand old duke of York which usually round off the singing session which will include our favourites: hedgehog song, wind the bobbin, head shoulders knees and toes, sleeping bunnies and twinkle twinkle - it is a pleasure to lead the sessions and a wonder to see the children grow from babes to toddlers, taking their first steps and saying their first words.

Here are some pictures of the craft table from the past 2 weeks...
Food craft decorating biscuits

painting lovely pictures

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Methodist youth president visits Dover project

Methodist youth president visits Dover project

Messy church at Cross-Links

at Cross-Links we have explored lots of different ways for us to gather as a 'congregation' over the years.  messy church 'hits the mark' for us because it fits our context well - we are very craft focussed at our activities especially for children and young people, so it is a great way to express ourselves as we gather together sunday by sunday. Unlike other Messy Churches we welcome unaccompanied children alongside families; i suspect they come because they feel comfortable and at home.  our youth worker Becky draws in some of the older youths that attend their activities and they often bring their younger siblings (often having previously attended our toddler group) and friends.  Interestingly they come back week by week (as we meet weekly) and are not put off by the Christ-centred crafts, chat, songs or prayers.
over the weeks following easter we are taking a look each week at a different appearance of the risen jesus, today we thought about the appearance to the disciples at easter and again the following week when thomas was with them.  Here are a few photos from earlier today...

Easter Blessings to you and your loved ones <><

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Visit of Methodist Youth President

this afternoon Hayley Moss, the Methodist Youth President visited us at Cross-Links to catch up with Esther Salisbury (our Methodist 'OPP'), the team, trustees and young folk attending Krafty Kids Klub. Hayley seemed to enjoy a spot of painting and took lots of dripping wet painted pictures away with her on her rain journey home!  Thanks to our trustees that attended and to Becky, Laurice, Rachael, Rhea and the other young people that helped out during the session.
here are a few snaps...
Esther (left), Hayley (right)

Hayley chilling and chatting with Geoff

Having fun building with the jenga

crafty session is progress

Hayley and Esther pose for the Press

Lots of great young helpers

Esther sporting her 'OPP' t-shirt

Hayley up to her eyes in paint!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Monday at Canterbury Cathedral

as a family we joined our diocesan family for the easter monday youth pilgrimage.
this was the 40th pilgrimage and packed with young people (and some of us 'oldies') praising God and celebrating the resurrection of our King Jesus.
here are a few photos...
some of the pilgrims

Miles joining the worship

Archbishop Justin says a few words..

and then is interviewed

lots of personal anecdotes

the band

the banners being processed out at the end

The Easter Garden outside the Cathedral