Thursday, 27 March 2014

new life....

As I become a grandparent for a third time and welcome little Emily into the world I am reminded of the joy that new life brings.

Sometimes New Life comes from unexpected places

we see this

in the experience of Easter

an experience that, for Jesus brought great pain and suffering leading to death and what seemed like defeat

but it was NOT defeat at all

just the beginning of something new

new life

a new life that he bore witness to

a new life that changed the lives unexpectedly and unimaginably for his friends who witnessed this

a new life we can all encounter and experience as we turn away from the Ways of the World to the Way of Jesus

and hope of a new life beyond our earthly existence.

Some want proof and evidence and facts and evidence

if life was only about facts and proof and explanation, then why do we have emotions and feelings?

life is more than this

new life in Christ is more than this.

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